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Spartina 449’s Mystic Mermaid: Lorelei

Spartina 449 is introducing new patterns this fall, and they have crafted their latest collection of bags while taking inspiration from the legends of mystic mermaids. Previously, we have shared with you the endearing tales of Cora and Yemaya. This day, the stunning river maiden Lorelei is taking the spotlight.

Lorelei is believed to be perched on the Loreley Rock in Germany’s Rhine River. According to stories, sailors hear the enchanting echo of Lorelei’s voice singing about her lost love.

Her unparalleled beauty and her captivating voice have lured many great men towards her, and this has led to numerous wreckage on the rock. It is because of this that sailors have grown to fear Lorelei.

Nevertheless, Spartina 449 sees this two-fold power as courage — the courage to love another completely and to be herself.

Much like Lorelei’s beautiful and hypnotic tunes, this slate-colored herringbone pattern will certainly attract compliments wherever you are.

AKA Monogram Barrel Duffle

AKA Monogram Grace Satchel

Romy Tote

Diaper Bag

Margot Phone Crossbody


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