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Spartina 449’s Mystic Mermaid: Mareena

Once again, Spartina 449 has come up with beautiful patterns for handbags this fall. Inspired by the lore of mermaids, this new collection features four patterns and the amazing stories behind them. We have previously recounted the dreamy tales of Cora, Yemaya, and Lorelei. Now, we give you the story of Mareena.

Mareena is a celebration of one of the most beloved mermaid tales, Hans Christian Andersen’s A Little Mermaid. Mareena is curious, passionate, and determined. She braves her way through the deep blue sea and royal sands to go after what she truly wants. In the end, her altruistic heart is rewarded with a wonderful gift.

The Mareena pattern is created with golden threads, a gentle reminder that you may also have a heart of gold.


Gladdys Garcia

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