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Spartina 449’s Mystic Mermaid: Yemaya

This fall, Spartina 449 is introducing an enchanting collection of patterns inspired by the legends of four mermaids. We have previously dived into the lore of Cora. Today, we’ll be sharing with you the story behind the Yemaya pattern.

Yemaya, the mother-ocean goddess, is believed to have sailed with the Africans as they were brought to the New World. She watched over them throughout their perilous journey, offering comfort and compassion to everyone during the travel.

It is said that her energy flows through seashells and that she offered shells to humans in order for them to hear her voice. Soothing as a mother’s voice can be, it gave the travellers hope and reassurance during those dangerous times.

This mothering mermaid is truly worth honoring, so Spartina 449’s collection features abundant florals that are reminiscent of Yemaya’s motherly compassion.

Barony Bucket

Box Satchel

Island Tote

Simple Zip

449 Wallet


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