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Stella & Dot Gives a lot of Bang! for Your Buck!

The very first time I was introduced to Stella & Dot was sometime in 2011.

Emmeline Statement Necklace - Stella & Dot - Dayton, Ohio 45459

Emmiline Statement Necklace shown above.

When I joined I loved the fashion, the flexibility, the fun and being a part of this amazing community of women. Stella & Dot was announced as an Inc. 500 Fastest-Growing Companies, and is a social selling company that creates flexible opportunities for entrepreneurial women to be work from home or in your spare time.  I stayed with Stella & Dot through 2012 however life took over and I just became a consumer of their amazing jewelry pieces.

Stella & Dot - Centerville, Ohio 45459

Sometime this spring one of my acquaintances whom I bought a couple pieces from said, you'd be good at this and should rejoin.  Well, I did and have been spreading the Stella love ever since.  Here's a recap of my summer with Stella & Dot and what's really awesome for you is right now many of these pieces are on sale!!

Stella & Dot - Dayton, Ohio 45459 - Erza Statement Necklace & Dune Tote

The above pic was from Atlanta, Georgia.  I was attending an Amazon training conference I got so many compliments on the Dune Tote bag and I love the versatility of the Erza Statement Necklace.  I can wear it in so many different combinations and it's was really the only necklace I needed all week.  

Stella & Dot - Dayton, Ohio 45459

This year Stella & Dot introduced apparel. I couldn't resist this Gemma Caftan.  I also purchased the Ketan Tunic (not pictured) and rocked them all summer with leggings or distressed jeans.

Stella & Dot - Dayton, Ohio 45459

Okay, the last pic is of me in the Iris Tassel Earrings.  I love, love, love two for's.  What's a two-for you ask?  When you can take the tassel off the bottom of the earrings and get a second look for one money!  Stella & Dot are very known for their versatile pieces and give you a good bang for your buck.

Want to host a Stella & Dot Style Session?  Be sure to contact me anytime at 937-947-0006.  We can do a virtual session or a full trunk show event anywhere! 


Danielle danielle.fritz@coins4me.com

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