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6 Stylish Ways to Wear Your Graphic Tees

While plain white tees are a definite must-have in your closet, be sure to save some space for cool and funky graphic tees as well. You'd be surprised at how much you can play around with them in terms of style, as there's more that you can do apart from wearing them with a classic pair of denim jeans.

Take a cue from these style inspo and make an ordinary tee look super fabulous.


Whether you have an over-sized coat or a blazer with a really nice fit, you can bet that it'll complement your t-shirt perfectly.

Pencil or Midi Skirt

Feel like a superwoman who means business when you pair your graphic tee with a pencil skirt or a midi skirt.

Maxi Skirt

Of course, if you can match your tee with a midi skirt, you can surely wear a maxi skirt as an alternative.

Leather Jacket

Look like a cool girl with a graphic tee plus leather jacket. If you want a feminine touch to your outfit, opt for a skirt instead of pants.

Denim Jacket

From blazers and leather jackets to denim jackets, your options to style your tee are definitely a lot.

Colors and Prints

Don't be scared of wearing loud colors or prints. Being over-the-top or quirky is okay as long as you can make all the different pieces look cohesive.

Dressing up is a whole lot of fun, and with a bunch of graphic tees, you can create a variety of outfits that exude different styles.


Gladdys Garcia

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