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Summer Essentials: Here's What to Pack for Your Beach Trip

Time to hit the beach and make the most out of your summer under the glorious heat of the sun! But first, make sure you have everything you need inside your travel bag so that you can enjoy every minute of your trip to the max. Whether you'll be on vacation mode for a few weeks or just a couple of nights, these tips and reminders will surely make packing easy.

1. Make a list and check it twice

When making a list of things you'll need during your trip, it helps to start with items you use from head to foot. It's quite a methodical way of going through important stuff, and it prevents you from forgetting necessities. For the specific clothes you'll be bringing, it usually works to plan your outfits per day. Don't forget to consider the activities you'll be doing on a particular day, so you can ensure that you'll be wearing something comfortable and appropriate.

Additionally, make sure to count in the clothes you'll be wearing at the airport. As a rule of thumb, always put on the heaviest and bulkiest items on the way to your destination so as to free up more space in your luggage. Most planes are chilly, anyway, so this won't certainly cause you any discomfort. 

2. Choose a color scheme

Deciding on the a color scheme helps in narrowing down your clothing options, and it makes it easier to mix and match — a great way to reduce the items you'll be packing. Black, white, beige, and gray are typically the safest colors to wear, but if you're worried that your look would seem too flat, bring a few statement accessories that would easily pop in your ensemble.

3. Go for multi-functional items

Take a look inside your wardrobe and find pieces that you can use in different ways. A classic example of this is a sarong. Master the various ways you could twist and tie this versatile item and you'll end up with skirts, cover-ups, tops, and headwear.

For your carry-on bag, you might want to go for something that can function as your beach bag too. Consider shoulder bags made of water-resistant fabrics or rattan sling bags that are okay to get wet.

4. Research where you'll be staying

Familiarize yourself with the location of your accommodation. Find out if there are nearby laundry facilities especially if you're staying for a couple of weeks or more. Instead of packing two weeks' worth of clothes, you can simply bring items good for a week and just have them washed so that you can wear them again the following week. Some hotels offer laundry services too, so you might want to consider this as well when looking for accommodation.

5. Plan your packing list with friends

If you're traveling with friends, you might want to consider dividing stuff up and assigning each other with items to bring. For instance, you could volunteer to bring a blow dryer and someone else could bring a curling iron. You could do this with toiletries and accessories as well. This way, you won't have to bring everything for yourself.

6. Ensure to prevent spills

Spillage is one of the things that can get you anxious during trips. It would totally ruin the fun when you discover that your shampoo bottles popped during the flight spilling its contents on your clothes and shoes. One way to completely get rid of this possible scenario is by bringing solid versions of any bottled toiletries you need. For instance, you could opt for shampoo bars or solid sunscreen and lotion instead. They're more environment-friendly as well since they come in zero waste packaging.

7. Use luggage space wisely

Everything you'll ever need for your trip can fit your luggage if you know how to work your way around it. Rolling clothes is a tip you probably hear all the time, but the truth is, not all clothes are meant to be rolled like a sushi. Tees, jeans, and those made of cotton or knit fabrics are usually best rolled. Meanwhile, those with stiffer fabrics or easily wrinkled ones should simply be folded and placed on top of the rolled items. For longer pieces like maxi skirts and dresses, you can just drape them over your folded items. Lastly, make sure that every space is being used. For example, place smaller things like accessories and socks inside spare shoes.

What are other tricks you do for an efficient packing process? We'd love to hear from you!


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