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  • Fall Handbag Trends for 2017

    The runways of New York, Milan, London, Paris, and many other major fashion hubs were littered with a wide collection of bags and purses for autumn, and they all look fit for a lady.

    Judging by the bags showcased by big-name designers like Miu Miu, Prada, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton, structured and small seem to be all the rage for fall, and clutches appear to be making a comeback. Lots of embellishments like fur and metallic accents were also on display.

    Check out some of the biggest handbag trends (straight from the runway) for fall 2017, so you can cop the look for less!

    1.Statement straps


    3.Small and structured

    4.Tassels and fringes

    5.Prints and embellishments

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  • Once again, Spartina 449 has come up with beautiful patterns for handbags this fall. Inspired by the lore of mermaids, this new collection features four patterns and the amazing stories behind them. We have previously recounted the dreamy tales of Cora, Yemaya, and Lorelei. Now, we give you the story of Mareena.

    Mareena is a celebration of one of the most beloved mermaid tales, Hans Christian Andersen’s A Little Mermaid. Mareena is curious, passionate, and determined. She braves her way through the deep blue sea and royal sands to go after what she truly wants. In the end, her altruistic heart is rewarded with a wonderful gift.

    The Mareena pattern is created with golden threads, a gentle reminder that you may also have a heart of gold.

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  • Spartina 449 is introducing new patterns this fall, and they have crafted their latest collection of bags while taking inspiration from the legends of mystic mermaids. Previously, we have shared with you the endearing tales of Cora and Yemaya. This day, the stunning river maiden Lorelei is taking the spotlight.

    Lorelei is believed to be perched on the Loreley Rock in Germany’s Rhine River. According to stories, sailors hear the enchanting echo of Lorelei’s voice singing about her lost love.

    Her unparalleled beauty and her captivating voice have lured many great men towards her, and this has led to numerous wreckage on the rock. It is because of this that sailors have grown to fear Lorelei.

    Nevertheless, Spartina 449 sees this two-fold power as courage — the courage to love another completely and to be herself.

    Much like Lorelei’s beautiful and hypnotic tunes, this slate-colored herringbone pattern will certainly attract compliments wherever you are.

    AKA Monogram Barrel Duffle

    AKA Monogram Grace Satchel

    Romy Tote

    Diaper Bag

    Margot Phone Crossbody

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  • This fall, Spartina 449 is introducing an enchanting collection of patterns inspired by the legends of four mermaids. We have previously dived into the lore of Cora. Today, we’ll be sharing with you the story behind the Yemaya pattern.

    Yemaya, the mother-ocean goddess, is believed to have sailed with the Africans as they were brought to the New World. She watched over them throughout their perilous journey, offering comfort and compassion to everyone during the travel.

    It is said that her energy flows through seashells and that she offered shells to humans in order for them to hear her voice. Soothing as a mother’s voice can be, it gave the travellers hope and reassurance during those dangerous times.

    This mothering mermaid is truly worth honoring, so Spartina 449’s collection features abundant florals that are reminiscent of Yemaya’s motherly compassion.

    Barony Bucket

    Box Satchel

    Island Tote

    Simple Zip

    449 Wallet

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  • Spartina 449 is introducing an enchanting collection of patterns this fall. Inspired by the stories of the beguiling sea maidens, Mystic Mermaid is a representation of these mesmerizing creatures and the alluring hues of the underwater.

    True to their claim, Spartina 449 crafts their products not just with a high standard for aesthetics but with the rich history of Daufuskie Island in mind.

    Cora, the first of the four patterns, was inspired by a sea maiden who was known to guide boats through the marshy southern waters of Daufuskie Island. Sailors described the phenomenon with seeing a golden underwater light in the form of a woman.

    Moreover, the sightings typically occurred when there were many boats on the water. This gave the impression that Cora loved having visitors, and this charmingly playful trait inspired the hypnotic shapes and lines of the Cora pattern.

    Avery Tote

    Signature Hobo

    Ava Phone Crossbody

    Yacht Club Wallet

    AKA Monogram All-in-One Hipster

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  • Spartina 449 has been recognized for its beautifully crafted handbags and accessories. Its products are designed with sophistication, and they are also created with the rich history and coastal beauty of Daufuskie Island in mind.

    Spartina 449’s trademark consists of the seamless combination of linen and leather as well as the colorful patterns that tell of Daufuskie Island’s timeless tales.

    This fall, Spartina 449 is introducing another lovely collection that will surely add an enchanting appeal to your style — the Mystic Mermaid.

    Mystic Mermaid was inspired by the magical stories of sea maidens. Known for their captivating beauty and endearing voices, the lore of mermaids has continued to fascinate people. In Daufuskie Island, these mystical creatures are known for being elusive and protective of the southern islanders and its visitors.

    Here’s a sneak preview of the four patterns that are featured in this collection. Each pattern embodies the mermaids of Daufuskie Island making every design meaningful and special. As the days go by, we’ll be discussing each of the patterns so do watch out for our upcoming articles.





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