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  • Sometimes your next beauty secret could be found right inside your kitchen. In this recipe for Pumpkin Pie Scrub, we're going to show you how some of the usual cooking ingredients could be used as body scrub to make your skin look young and healthy.

    4 steps to making a pumpkin pie scrub

    Before you start creating the mixture for this wonderful body scrub, prepare a large bowl and a wide-mouth canning jar. You'll have to do all the mixing in the large bowl, and the jar would be the storage for your homemade body scrub.

    Once you have these containers ready, you can proceed to mixing the sugar with coconut oil or almond oil. Afterwards, you may add the essential oils, vanilla, and vitamin E into the mixture.

    Take note of this formula for the essential oils:

    • 2 drops of cinnamon bark
    • 2 drops of clove
    • 5 drops of orange
    • 2 drops of nutmeg

    When you have put all the ingredients together, carefully transfer them into the jar. Let your Pumpkin Pie Scrub sit for about two months. Then, add more carrier oil so as to produce more viscosity.

    Voila! You now have a Pumpkin Pie Scrub that your skin will surely love.

    Share with us your Pumpkin Pie Scrub project by using the hashtag #MakeAndTakeOils4Me.




    Citrus oils are photosensitive and can increase skin sensitivity to sun. Use caution when using any homemade skin products containing citrus in the sun.
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