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  • Floral prints are often most popular in summer, but fall has swiftly caught on the trend. You might have seen fashion bloggers, street style icons, and celebrities wearing their lovely blooms during the fall season.

    Well, we are very much in love with the floral prints too — we won’t say goodbye to them even as autumn enters the scene. These prints can definitely make anyone’s wardrobe look more feminine. Whether you’re dressing up for work or for a romantic date, autumn florals can add a special touch to your outfit.

    Just make sure to take note of these tips so that your floral prints will work for fall.

    1. Go for deep hues and autumn colors.

    When considering floral prints for fall, you’ll have to do away with bright, summery, or neon colors. Stick to the usual autumn shades like deep burgundy, burnt orange, classic navy, and forest green. You can also take a cue from Pantone’s 2017 fall colors such as Tawny Port, Shaded Spruce, and Autumn Maple. Look into these kinds of color palette and say hello to autumn-ready floral clothes.

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    1. Get a pair of stockings to match your dress.

    If you have summer dresses with dark or muted florals, you can try wearing them with a classic pair of black stockings. This will surely make for a pretty fall ensemble without spending money on new clothes. Now, that’s quite a win-win for your fashion ideals and your pocket.

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    1. Use fall accessories.

    Take your autumn fashion up a notch with cold-weather accessories such as scarves, gloves, and hats. If you feel that you’re looking too dainty with your floral prints, you can tone it down by using edgy accessories like metal jewelry. A pair of black leather ankle boots can make a huge difference to your floral look.

    Do you have other tips on transforming a summer floral look into an outfit that you can rock in the fall? Share them with us along with your #OOTD selfies — we’d love to see your look!

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