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  • There’s always something exciting about going back to school after a well-deserved break. Whether it’s because of the college cutie you’ve been crushing on or the interesting classes and mentors who inspire you, you’ll surely find yourself thinking that it’s actually nice to be surrounded once again by the familiar halls of your college.

    Re-inventing yourself

    Of course, going back to school also means new beginnings. Cliche as it seems, starting a new semester is a great opportunity to meet more friends and fellow scholars, to learn new things and to widen your perspective, and to re-invent yourself.

    Re-inventing yourself doesn’t mean drastically changing who you are. In fact, it’s about exploring different facets in your life and further developing your personality. You can do all these if you’re confident with yourself, and one way of being confident is if you also feel good about how you look.

    But how exactly can you feel good with the way you look? There are many ways that you can achieve this, but the easiest thing that you can do is dressing up like a professional while maintaining a young, fresh appeal.

    Check out these five tips on dressing for college:

    1. Go with whatever feels right for you.

    College is an awesome time to experiment with different styles. You’re not bound by dress codes or uniforms, so you can freely express yourself through every piece of clothing. With this in mind, just go with whatever feels right for you. Pick out clothes that can give you comfort and the kind of style you want.

    1. Combine contrasting elements or clothing pieces.

    A perfect example of this is pairing distressed jeans with a blazer and big necklaces. This style easily gives you that youthful and fun vibe, and it also lends you an aura of maturity without being mistaken for a professor. Apart from blazers, you can also match your distressed denim with silk or sheer blouses — a combination that perfectly balances a rugged and a dainty look.

    If you love wearing skirts, you might want to try pairing a pencil skirt with a regular t-shirt. Then, slip on your gladiator sandals or sneakers to complete the look. T-shirts are amazing, don’t you think? They’re very easy to dress up or dress down, and they look great no matter how you wear them.

    1. Accessorize.

    Accessories can make you look more professional and more put together. Wear them over a basic shirt and see yourself transform with a dash of sophistication. Just be careful in selecting accessories, though. Make sure that they’re the right size and you’re not over-accessorizing.

    1. Learn the art of layering.

    Layering could be as simple as wearing a blazer over a t-shirt and pairing them with your favorite jeans. You could also try tank tops and denim skirts, plus a long cardigan. Scarves, jackets, and even accessories can be used as well to add “layers” to your outfit.

    1. Check Pinterest for inspiration.

    Cop the look of celebrities and fashion bloggers and enthusiasts. You’ll see lots of photos on Pinterest that you could use as inspiration or reference. Take note of the elements that you like best and mix them up to create your own style.

    Wouldn’t you agree that college is a fantastic time wherein you could start your journey towards finding your personal style?

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