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  • 5 Things to Love about Fashion Week

    There’s always a lot of negative chatter when Fashion Week season kicks in. Many people don’t understand what the fuss is about, and you’ll probably hear criticisms about brands, designers, and the whole event here and there.

    Typically, the public reacts on how thin the models are or how unrealistic and awful Fashion Week is. People fail to realize that it’s more than what we see on the outside. Sure, a lot of the models are skinny, but recently, curvier women are also being featured on the runway.

    Sometimes we’re so used to nit-picking on fashion that we are not able to see the good things and just appreciate it for what it is. Whether your impression of Fashion Week is a bad one or you are an admirer, these five reasons will surely make you appreciate Fashion Week even more.

    It’s a designer’s form of self-expression.

      Every designer’s creation is an expression of himself or herself. It is the embodiment of their vision and of the things they believe in; it’s their way of telling stories. The fashion industry usually gets flack for getting slender models, but what you need to know is that this is unintentional. Designers usually create clothing with specific types of person in mind, so when they cast models to wear their clothes, they choose those that would best match the character of the clothes. This is just one aspect of a designer’s process, which ultimately roots from expressing themselves.

      It’s an expression of creativity.

        No matter what people say, fashion is art. It’s often considered irrelevant, but with the overflowing creativity you see on different runways, every piece of clothing is simply an artwork in itself. There is a vision and creative process for every collection that a designer comes up with, and this is the same with other artists like painters, musicians, and writers. Fashion Week is pretty much like what concerts are to musicians or what exhibits are to visual artists.


        Its’ entertaining.

          Again, let’s appreciate Fashion Week for what it is. Some people take fashion to heart, while others are plainly entertained by it. Well, why not? It is actually entertaining. Every presentation of a collection is a show that has been organized by hardworking and talented professionals, and these people do so because they want the audience to enjoy every minute of it — so sit back and just enjoy the show.

          It’s a stepping stone for many designers.

            Designers don’t get much credit for all the effort and hard work they have put in. It’s not an easy thing to spend months creating a collection of clothing. Fashion Week is a way of recognizing the determination and talent that brought all the clothes you’re seeing on the runway into fruition. Being able to make it on Fashion Week is a milestone for many designers, especially the new ones. It’s their chance to be known in the industry, to introduce their own clothing line, and to create meaningful partnerships with fellow designers and entrepreneurs.


            It’s magical.

              Every day during Fashion Week is a surprise and a spectacle. Every show is a new experience, and every collection is a gift waiting to be unwrapped. Of course, not all fashion shows can be transformative, but there are definitely magical moments sprinkled across the entire event, which will make you feel lucky that you were there to witness them all. You may find these moments in a small piece of fabric, in the swish of a model’s dress, or even in the glorious silence of an audience in sheer awe.

              Fashion Week is more than just what you see on the catwalk. It’s the culmination of all the hard work that designers have done with their blood, sweat, and tears.

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            1. New York Fashion Week takes its roots back to the 1940s, and up to this very day, it’s still a much-awaited event for fashionistas and designers around the globe. With all its citywide events, fashion shows, dinners, parties, and presentations, there’s always quite a lot to look forward to — of course, apart from all the gorgeous clothes you’ll get to see on the runway!

              We’re probably as giddy as you every time we hear or read anything about NYFW, so we totally understand if you can’t get enough of it. Check out our seven awesome internet finds about New York Fashion Week — because we know you’re just craving for more!

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              Photos are included from the source we referenced in this blog.

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