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Room Spray

  • Want to smell the scent of autumn inside your home? This three-step guide will show you how easy and cheap! it is to create a room spray out of essential oils and distilled water.

    But first things first, make sure to prepare a durable and reliable container for your DIY room spray. This dark amber glass spray bottle is recommended as it can carry essential oils safely and prolong their shelf life.

    Step-by-step guide on making a room spray

    Add a total of 12-14 drops of essential oils in your glass spray bottle. This could be any of the following mixture of essential oils:

    Option 1:

    2 - Cinnamon Bark
    4 - Clove
    4- Orange
    4 - Nutmeg

    Option 2:

    2 - Cinnamon Bark
    4 - Clove
    4- Orange
    4 - Nutmeg

    Afterwards, pour the distilled water in your spray bottle until full. Place the cap and shake well. Tadaaa! You now have a room spray that smells as fresh as the autumn scent.

    Share with us how you made your autumn room freshening spray! Use the hashtag #MakeAndTakeOils4Me so we can see them!





    Citrus oils are photosensitive and can increase skin sensitivity to sun. Use caution when using any homemade skin products containing citrus in the sun.
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