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    #5 – Pair of close-toe black heels or pumps. Your close-toed black heels will not only make your three piece suit extra professional, but can also meet up with most of your dressy wardrobe items in a fashionable expression of understated style.


    #4 – Jewelry your Love such as stack bracelets or ‘go to’ earrings. Ok, so maybe you don’t keep accessories in the closet, but you know very well how huge of a difference they can make to your wardrobe. Jewelry you love but striking, jewelry can give everyday basics new life. Finish off any look, for example, with a pair of simple gold hoops, or opt for a large, chunky necklace (and skip the earrings altogether); either of these will instantly add glamour.


    #3 – Leggings or Tights. I have 3 pair (a grey, a black, and a "denim") and I love all of them. But here's the thing, you MUST have a good quality legging. There's nothing worse than a legging that is partially see-through, that bags in the knees after a couple of hours of wear, or that doesn't wash well. So, if you are ready to rock a legging, here's what you need to do first: Invest in a good pair of leggings.


    #2 – A big bag. If there is one thing your closet cannot miss out on, is a big, accentuated bag, and everyone’s got his or her favorites! So pick a big bag based on your style. IF you love quilted bags, have a large quilted bag. If you’re a Coach fan, have a big coach bag.


    #1 - A scarf. It's a piece that can add instant style impact to a suit or a crisp white shirt. Pick one in a bold color or vivid pattern; tie it onto your neck or purse handle, or twist it and wear it as a simple, but vibrant, belt.

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