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  • Having clear, glowing skin is something that many young women aspire for. Unfortunately, after going through puberty, a good number of us suffer from several skin problems such as acne, dry skin, and wrinkles. If you want to avoid, or at least minimize, these issues, you have to understand the importance of washing your face at least twice a day.

    Benefits of washing your face

    Washing your face at least twice a day is essential to keeping your skin healthy, hydrated, and looking young. According to a study conducted by Tejesh Patel, Yozo Ishiuji and Gil Yosipovitch, transepidermal water loss (TEWL) is heightened during sleep which leads to you having dry and dull skin in the morning. To avoid dehydrated skin, it’s vital to clean and moisturize every night.

    The benefits of keeping a clean face before you sleep is also supported by this quote from an article from FutureDerm:

    “Overnight, the skin needs oxygen to repair itself. And sleeping with your makeup on deprives it of this vital nutrient. “When makeup is left on, it blocks the natural exfoliating process, which can leave your skin looking dull”, says Dr. Robins Ashinoff, Director of Cosmetic Dermatology at Hackensack Medical Center in New Jersey.”

    Daily facial washing can also help you avoid acne-causing bacteria. Research shows that using a daily cleanser formulated for normal to oily skin helps with deep pore cleansing which in turn helps manage acne-related symptoms.

    Tips for better cleansing

    Cleansing your face is not just about using soap and water. To ensure that your skin gets the most benefits, you have to choose the right facial cleanser. It’s also better to use lukewarm water when washing your face. Warm water opens up your pores which allows your cleanser to clean out dirt and impurities more effectively.

    After washing your face, pat your face dry with a clean towel. You don’t want to undo your cleanser’s hard work by using a dirty towel. Use a different towel for your face and body, and make sure that you change towels often. Also, don’t forget to use a moisturizer after to keep your skin from getting dehydrated.

    As a last piece of advice, limit your face washing to twice a day or after sweating. Too much cleansing will do your face more harm than good.

    How to choose the right facial cleanser

    Before buying a facial cleanser, make sure to figure out your skin type first. The most common skin types are dry, normal, oily, and combination (oily T-zone and dry cheeks). There are also special cleansers formulated for acne-prone or sensitive skin. If you want to be absolutely sure about your skin type, consult your dermatologist.

    Whether a cleanser is a cream, liquid, foam, gel, or oil will also matter. Heavier cleansers are much better at cleaning makeup while lighter ones with less alcohol content are more suited to sensitive skin and some light cleansing in the morning.

    If you wear a lot of makeup, you might want to look into double cleansing too. A makeup remover and facial cleanser combo or oil cleansing followed by foam cleansing can handle this easily.

    This article on Elle.com showcases the 12 best facial cleansers in the market today as selected by Elle’s editors. Happy cleansing!

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  • When it comes to skin care, no one is too young to begin their own anti-aging skin care routine. In fact, the younger that you start taking care of your skin, the better you’ll appreciate its benefits in the long run.

    It may seem vain or paranoid to implement an anti-aging regimen when you’re still in your 20s. After all, your skin is still considered to be at its prime; there’s no need to panic. However, that’s really not the point as you would definitely want to ensure the long-term health of your skin.

    How to start your anti-aging skin care regimen

    You don’t have to do anything out of the ordinary to create your anti-aging routine. There really are no secrets in skin care — just essentials that you need to imbibe in your daily life.

    1. Moisturize every day.

    Keeping balanced moisture is key to having a youthful glow. Our skin becomes drier as we age, so wrinkles and fine lines will naturally start showing up. However, by moisturizing your face every day, you are able to reduce this occurrence and consequently maintain a smooth and supple skin.

    1. Wash your face twice a day. No more, no less.

    Make sure to clean your face, morning and night. It’s best to wash with a mild cleanser and warm water, so your face won’t have to deal with harsh chemicals. If you could find organic products that work well for you, all the better.

    1. Protect your skin from the sun.

    Always apply sunscreen before going out especially if you won’t be indoors between 10am and 2pm. This is the time when the sun’s rays are quite unkind to our skin, so if you can help it, avoid staying out around noon. Prolonged sun exposure can damage your skin and cause premature aging, so better take caution when going out during the day.

    1. Live a healthy lifestyle.

    This means eating healthy and getting enough sleep. Keep in mind that you are what you eat, and it’ll reflect on the health of your skin as well. Moreover, being able to rest soundly gives your skin more time to repair and renew its cells, making you feel refreshed every single day.

    1. Choose your anti-aging skin care products carefully.

    Finding the right products for you can be a hit-or-miss kind of thing. However, when selecting anti-aging skin care products, you need to first consider your skin type. From here, you’ll know which ingredients to look for or avoid in order to trim down your options.

    Neal’s Yard Remedies offers various products that are specially created to address skin concerns of certain skin types. They also have an anti-aging skin care kit called the Rejuvenating Frankincense Skin Care Kit that’s composed of a facial cleanser, toner, cream, and oil. You can also check out their individual products for anti-aging skin care and choose among serums, creams, oils, and more.

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  • Flaky patches, redness, itchiness — these are all signs of having dry skin, and it’s not an easy thing to deal with. No amount of moisturizer, oils, or cream would seem to keep the dryness at bay; and so the quest for the perfect skin care regimen to achieve dewy skin feels like forever.

    Nevertheless, this should give you more reason to take better care of your skin and never surrender your search for the wonder product that’ll give you a healthy glow. Knowing about the reasons for your dry skin is a good starting point on battling those flaky patches.

    Why do I have dry skin?

    There are different things that could possibly cause a dry complexion, and one common reason is harsh chemicals in the products you’re using on your face. Check the ingredients of these products and let go of the cleansers and toners that are drying out your skin.

    Sometimes, though, dry skin could simply be a result of changes in the weather. This happens most especially during cold months so make sure to prep your skin as the seasons transition.

    What products can I use for my dry skin?

    As mentioned earlier, dry skin can be caused by harsh ingredients. Hence, you should take time to find products that can safely and adequately hydrate your skin. Neal’s Yard Remedies is very transparent when it comes to the ingredients of their products, so you can freely examine if there is anything in their cleansers, toners, and moisturizers that might cause your skin to dry.

    Neal’s Yard Remedies proudly uses organic ingredients, and they have skin care products that are specially made to replenish and boost moisture on dry complexion. The Nourishing Orange Flower Skin Care Kit is absolutely perfect if you want to try a new product as its contents are good for 10-14 days. All your skin care essentials are kept in a stylish and compact canvas bag, so it’s also ideal if you’re going away for a trip.

    You can also give the other individual products a try such as the Calendula Cleanser and the Honey and Orange Facial Scrub.

    Have you tried Neal’s Yard Remedies? Tell us what you think of their products and share with us your skin care journey as well!

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  • Oily skin can be a frustrating thing to deal with. Looking at the mirror and seeing a shiny T-zone, you may sometimes wonder if you’re doing enough to keep your sebaceous glands in control.

    It can even be doubly disheartening when you spot a couple of new zits on your face just when you’re about to go on a date or attend an important event. Girls with oily, acne-prone skin have all been in that kind of situation, but you don’t have to go through it again and again.

    Make sure that you have a skin care routine in place and that you’re doing every step correctly. Check out these five things that you may be doing wrong and find out how you can change these habits to have a clearer, healthier skin.

    Treating oil as the villain

    Excessive sebum can really test your patience, and while it seems a logical idea to get rid of oil once and for all, that’s just not going to happen. In fact, you wouldn’t even wish for it to be completely gone. Stripping off the natural oil will only make your skin dry, and it’ll alert your sebaceous glands to produce more of it. Hence, your skin will only become more oily. Make sure to degrease your skin using a gentle cleanser like Neal’s Yard Remedies Palmarosa Facial Wash. Made with 83% organic ingredients, it does wonders for purifying and decongesting oily skin.

    Forgetting about moisturizer

    If you think that you can skip moisturizing, you’re definitely wrong. You may feel moisture on your skin — maybe a bit too much — but it doesn’t mean that your skin is also adequately hydrated. Remember that moisturizing is an essential step in your skin care routine as it helps keep your skin feeling softer and smoother. Find a moisturizer that suits the oily skin type, preferably something that’s lightweight and easily absorbed by the skin.

    Over treating your skin

    Less is more. Putting on different creams, gels, and other treatments all at the same time can sometimes bring more bad than good. Let your skin rest from all the products and just let it breathe in its natural state. If you notice that your skin feels tight or dry, it’s a sign that you’re using the product too often or the product is too strong.

    Using the wrong makeup products

    Ease up on using makeup every once in awhile. But if it really can’t be helped, make sure that you’re using products that work well for oily skin. Go for a shine-free foundation or a powder that can produce a lasting matte effect. When it gets a bit messy due to oil, make sure you have a blotting film to keep the sebum at bay.

    Investing in the wrong skin care products

    Knowing the ingredients is key to finding the perfect skin care products for you. That’s why you should research all your choices before selecting a specific product or brand. Going through all your options, however, can be overwhelming. In this case or if you still haven’t found the right products, you might want to stick to a trusted brand for a while and see the results with that. Neal’s Yard Remedies has a skin care kit that’s specially made for oily and acne-prone skin. It’s naturally mattifying, and it won’t harm your skin as it is made up of organic ingredients.

    Are you guilty of these skin care mistakes? Don’t punish yourself for it; rather, make sure to equip yourself with the right knowledge and the right products to achieve a naturally glowing — not shiny — skin!

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  • Neal's Yard Remedies: Loving Your Skin

    Taking care of our skin is important because it’s the very first layer that goes against dirt, infection, and various kinds of germs. That’s why we should do everything we can to ensure that it is healthy and strong.

    A good indication of healthy skin is moisture. If your skin is dry or irritated, this may result in cracks, which consequently makes you more prone to infection.

    With this in mind, you should really be taking your skin care regimen to heart and investing in high-quality products. Finding the right skin care products can be difficult, though. For some, it’s quite like a trial and error. One of the most recommended brands is Neal’s Yard Remedies.

    What is Neal’s Yard Remedies?

    Neal’s Yard Remedies offers a range of products including bath and body, skin care, aromatherapy, and mother and baby care. They started out on December 4, 1981 in a corner of Covent Garden in London, England.

    This brand firmly believes that beauty should be natural and not synthetic, and this has guided them in creating the products that they have. For decades, Neal’s Yard Remedies has pushed for nature, transparency, and honesty when it comes to the products that consumers buy.

    What are their products?

    Offering a large plate of products, Neal’s Yard Remedies has been a go-to brand. They have various products to help keep your skin healthy, from head to foot.

    Skin Care

    Their skin care products consist of facial cleansers, toners, and moisturizers. Other specialty products include eye and lip care, facial serums and oils, and facial masks and scrubs. Neal’s Yard Remedies has also introduced a line specifically for men’s skin care needs.

    Bath and Body

    From shower gels and soaps to foams and salts, Neal’s Yard Remedies has you covered. They also have shampoos, conditioners, and hair treatments to ensure that your tresses are just as healthy-looking as your skin. Other bath and body products that they offer include body moisturizers, hand and foot care, and suncare.

    Mother and Baby

    Neal’s Yard Remedies has made a collection of products for babies and mothers as well, and these are specially formulated with organic and natural ingredients. Some of the products included in this line are shampoos, lotions, balms, cream, and massage oils.


    Neal’s Yard Remedies carries a range of essential oils and carrier oils too. They have also crafted essential oil blends perfectly suited for different needs. If you’re the type who likes to create your own blends, you can always rely on their wide array of top-quality essential oils.

    Make sure to get your stash of Neal’s Yard Remedies and try the wonders they can create for your skin.

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