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Spartina 449 Cora

  • Spartina 449 is introducing an enchanting collection of patterns this fall. Inspired by the stories of the beguiling sea maidens, Mystic Mermaid is a representation of these mesmerizing creatures and the alluring hues of the underwater.

    True to their claim, Spartina 449 crafts their products not just with a high standard for aesthetics but with the rich history of Daufuskie Island in mind.

    Cora, the first of the four patterns, was inspired by a sea maiden who was known to guide boats through the marshy southern waters of Daufuskie Island. Sailors described the phenomenon with seeing a golden underwater light in the form of a woman.

    Moreover, the sightings typically occurred when there were many boats on the water. This gave the impression that Cora loved having visitors, and this charmingly playful trait inspired the hypnotic shapes and lines of the Cora pattern.

    Avery Tote

    Signature Hobo

    Ava Phone Crossbody

    Yacht Club Wallet

    AKA Monogram All-in-One Hipster

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