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  • First, packing is pivotal. Pack too much and you end up disorganized, burdened with heavy bags, and hemorrhaging money to pay for pricey airline baggage fees or you plain won’t have enough room for passengers in your SUV! So lets revisit the most basic—and most useful—packing rules.

    1. Roll, don't fold.
    2. Make a packing list
    3. Wash your clothes on the road
    4. Pack dual-purpose garments
    5. Layer

    Now let's make sure all of your items are breathable, easy wash-wrinkle free and you can layer them for warmth!

    Travel Wardrobe - Dayton, Ohio - Pi Style Boutique

    Now let me show your how you can pack just ten garments and have a weeks worth of wardrobe. 

    Legging & Tunic - Dayton, Ohio - Pi Style Boutique

    You should have three basic bottoms. I have included culottes, a skirt and a classic pant. However you can easily switch out the culottes for capri’s and the classic pant for leggings, both would give you a younger look. 

     Split Sleeve Blouse - Dayton, Ohio - Pi Style Boutique

    And believe it our not with just a couple of strategically planned shirts, you can make a total difference in your luggage size if selected correctly.

    For instance, this long sleeved shirt actually has a split shoulder to add a summer twist.

    In my travel bag I’m sure to include a reversible shirt. Not only can it stretch your week of wearing it in different ways, it can also be nice on the wallet. So when you find it, buy it!

    An on that subject of stretching your dollar you should really be out there looking for convertible clothing or multi-functioning like this reversible skirt!  This piece is courtesy of Jockey P2P that I have in the black and the b/w pattern.

    Convertible Skirt - Dayton, Ohio - Pi Style Boutique

    Again, investment piece and it’s well worth the money. Here I show just 4 ways to wear this convertible. However, I have since I purchased mine I have found 8 different ways to wear this piece. The Jockey convertible skirt is perfect for lunching on the beach or adding some strappy sandals for a romantic evening dinner on the water and it’s made of a jersey material that is almost indestructible and so confortable.

     Trench Coat - Dayton, Ohio - Pi Style Boutique

    Last lets discuss the coat and jacket. A classic style city coat is perfect for light rain or if the day is just a bit breezy while shopping. The cardigan is a great laying piece incase it’s just a bit to cool in the air conditioning. If you need to make your outfit reflect more business attire, the reversible shirt, skirt and the cardigan will have you in the business mode if only for a couple of hours on your trip.

    Savvy travelers strike the perfect balance and bring just what they need -- with a little planning and pre-packing you to will be a smart~seasoned traveler!


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