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    It's that time y'all.. You know the one between seasons and you're probably making a face sort of like the one above. It's that time where you have all your warmer items and probably have either dug out your cooler items or been shopping for them and its just piling up. If you find yourself getting anxious just by walking to your wardrobe and feeling discouraged (horrible way to start the day) than keep reading because I'm going to go over 3 simple steps to automatically lift some weight off your shoulders.

    STEP 1: This is probably going to be the easiest and the longest at the same time. I want you to take all your clothes and hang them on a hanger. Now, if you're thinking "Umm.. I fold my clothes, I'm not doing that" just hear me out. You don't have to invest in a million hangers you can unhang and rehang items are we go. Any who, I want you to hang items and inspect them. What I mean by inspecting them is looking for any damages like holes, or stains. Can the stain be removed? If not, why are you keeping it? Can the hole be repaired, patched or is it even worth repairing? If you answered, no, again, why are you keeping it? 

    Lets now create three piles. Keep, Toss, Repair. 


    STEP 2: Okay now that we have have a few piles started now (Keep, Toss, Repair) we are going to take them down even more and add a fourth called maybe. We're going to start with the keep pile. Are you keeping it because you actually wear it, or you keeping it because you just cant say goodbye? If you can't remember the last time you wore it, why are you keeping it? I know.. at this point you're probably hating me but I promise at the end you'll be thanking me later #ThanksDecember. Now take this piece that you can't remember when you wore it and start a fourth pile. We'll call this the maybe pile. A few items that you can exclude from this are items like wedding gowns or your heavy winter coats. You have my permission to keep those in the keep pile even if its been awhile. 

    STEP 3: By now you should have between three and four piles happening (Keep, Toss, Repair + Maybe).

    Starting with the keep pile, we're going to decide if it needs to really be kept out. If you're looking at a winter coat and it's a solid 98* outside, you need to ask yourself why is it still in the closet? Now, I know that space can be an issue. I actually cannot stash mine anywhere, we don't have an attic and we don't have a basement. If interior space is an issue my suggestion is purchase a nice Rubbermaid tub and stick in the garage somewhere or invest in a under the bed box or bag. If push comes to shove maybe ask a family member to borrow a few square feet in their home basement or attic for any of seasonal items. PLEASE DO NOT just toss in there though, you need to label it. I personally like to sort of put a deadline on it (F/W open August 28th ect...) and make yourself an reminder on your phone. 

    Now on to the toss pile. This can be a little hard because I know that our world is suffering like crazy from landfill issues and that fast fashion has done some serious damage to third world countries so let's think about up-cycling first before we just toss in the trash. If it doesn't have stains or holes, consider donating it or listing on resale site. One of my favorite is Poshmark (use code STRAWBABYKISSES when you join to snag $5 off your first purchase). If it does have stains or holes ask yourself can you cut it up for wash rags or cleaning cloths? Is it denim? Ask yourself can you cut into shorts or better yet, you can send it here to be made into amazing jewelry. 

    And now to the repair pile. Give yourself a time frame to get these things done. Lets say two weeks because well.. life happens. If your task and repairs aren't done withing that time frame, chances are they aren't doing to get done. 

    And lastly, our maybe pile. You need to TRY THESE ON! Have fun with it. Do you feel drab or fab in it? 



    Round of applause. You have taken the first few steps to de-clutter and get your closet back into shape. Now if you need additional tips/tricks or help we do offer two amazing services here at the boutique and you can find more information about those here. 



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