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The Benefits of a Non-Toxic Laundry Detergent

Often, we are advised to choose clothes that are comfortable for us. However, comfort is not only determined by the style or fabric but also by the detergents we use to wash our clothing.

A lot of the detergents you can find in supermarkets are made up of synthetic chemicals that can harm you and the environment. By wearing clothes you have washed with these products all day every day, your skin is automatically in contact with these toxic chemicals 24/7.

Switch to non-toxic laundry detergents now

Changing the detergent you have been used to for so long can be hard. However, it's important to recognize your need to be more discerning with regards to the ingredients of the products you're using.

With non-toxic detergents, especially those with organic ingredients, you can enjoy these things without worrying about any harmful effects on your health and the environment.

1) You can breathe fresher air.

Detergents are typically doused with artificial fragrances so that the scent can last for hours. However, these artificial fragrances are made from chemicals that can cause allergies and such. This is especially true for people who are very sensitive when it comes to strong smells.

2) Your skin won't get irritated.

This is also one type of allergic reaction that you can get by having your skin exposed to toxic chemicals. In some cases, the effect doesn't end at itchiness or redness. Some people develop skin diseases such as psoriasis over the years of being in contact with detergent chemicals.

3) You increase your participation in saving the environment.

One of the most harmful ingredients added to detergents is phosphate. Phosphate is known to be a destructive chemical that have poisonous effects on fish and the environment. By opting for non-toxic or organic detergents, you are able to do something to preserve our natural landscape.

As you can see, switching to non-toxic alternatives for washing your clothes does not only affect your health; it can impact our environment too.


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