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The Complete Guide to Essential Oils Make and Take Parties

Make and take parties are one of the best ways to get more and more people to become aware of the benefits of essential oils these days and to include oils into their daily regimens.

A good make and take party is the perfect venue to get people to come together to discuss the different types of oils and the various ways they can utilize them and of course, to actually use the oils to make amazing stuff themselves!

Preparing for the party

If this is your first make and take party, you have to read up on as many guides as you can. Aside from scouring the web for successful make and take blog posts, you can also find comprehensive books and guides on how to have a successful make and take party online.

Here are a couple of good guides from Amazon:

Essential Oil Make & Takes: Over 60 DIY Projects and Recipes for the Perfect Class

This is a super complete guide that teaches you how to prepare for make and take parties for both beginner and intermediate essential oil users. It also helps you learn how to turn your make and takes from fun bonding activities with your friends into a total money-making machine.

The Ultimate Handbook of Awesome Make & Takes

Another good book is The Ultimate Handbook of Awesome Make & Takes by Michelle Huddleston. This book has over 100 recipes you can use for your make and take party, so you can definitely find recipes that both beginners and long-time essential oilers will love.

Finding the right people

Once you know what type your make and take party will be, it’s time to find people who will attend your event. You can start by calling up some friends and family and getting them to spread the word. You can also post invitations on different social channels if you want to reach out to more people. To make it more inviting, consider designing some fun invitations that suit the theme of your party.

Gathering the ingredients

There are two ways to go about gathering the things needed for your party: DIY or kits. Going DIY means you have to print out labels, go shopping for individual bottles and containers, and find out what utensils you need and shop for these as well. This allows you to have full control of how your products will look like.

If you don’t have time to do everything yourself, there are plenty of make and take kits that covers all the basics for you. Here are some of them:

Rollerball (TM) Make & Take Personal Essential Oils Blend Mixing Kit (Wellness) by Rollerball (TM) Make & Take

This set includes labels and bottles that you can use for up to 11 essential oil blends.

Kare & Kind Essential Oil Bottle Kit

This set includes bottles, sprayers, sealing tools and caps, and several stickers for labelling.

Premium Nature Carrier Oil Set

This set includes 5 types of carrier oils: coconut oil, avocado oil, sweet almond oil, castor oil, and grapeseed oil.

Essential Oil Kit Set

This set includes 14 types of undiluted, therapeutic grade essential oils.

Aside from Amazon, you can also check out TheEssentialTools.com for everything you need for your essential oil make and take.

As for the essential oils themselves, check out: Mountain Rose Herbs, Young LivingPlant Therapy, NOW Foods, and Aura Cacia to name a few.

Setting up prices

For your first few make and takes, don’t expect to earn too much. Just enjoy the process and familiarize yourself with everything so it becomes easier the second time around. Most people set a small price at the start with figures around the $5 ballpark. Cash is the easiest payment method to accept. Whatever price you set, just make sure that your guests get what they pay for in terms of food, fun, and products, and they’ll definitely come to your next party.

Lastly, don’t forget that make and take parties are supposed to be fun! Share snacks and stories with your guests and make sure that everyone enjoys making the stuff they get to take home.



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