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These Essential Oil Flashcards Will Put Fun in Your Oily Journey

At the beginning of your oily journey, you'll realize that while there is a wide range of essential oils that you can use for a wide variety of purposes, there are so much for you to learn and remember about these oils as well.

It can be overwhelming to decide which essential oils to use. When you search the internet, there is just so much information that you need to process. One source may even be saying something different from what you've gathered from another source.

Here is where the Essential Oils Flashcards from EO&Such will surely come in handy! Available in six different custom sets, these EO Flashcards are the perfect guide to your oily journey.

Fun, Sassy and Wonderful Essential Oil Flashcards - Young Living Inspired ($28.95)

This set is especially made for those who are using Young Living's essential oils. It's a comprehensive guide to 75 different types of essential oils, and it features 3-4 benefits for each oil.

Information is written concisely, so you can easily identify the uses of the oils without having to pore over huge chunks of text. Symbols are also indicated for you to know if the oil can be used topically, with your diffuser, or for dietary purposes.

Fun, Sassy and Wonderful Essential Oil Flashcards - doTerra Inspired ($28.95)

This doTerra-inspired set is perfect for those who are using doTerra's essential oils. The colors of the cards are matched to the EO bottles, so you can easily associate them with the right oils.

This box contains 77 flashcards, which tells you the name of the oils and their uses or benefits. What's great about this set is that it includes single oils as well as different blends like Anti-Aging Blend, Cleansing Blend, Detoxification Blend, Focus Blend, and many more.

Essential Oil Starter Kit Flashcards - Inspired by doTerra ($10.00)

This set of flashcards is created for oily newbies who have just gotten their starter kit from doTerra, so lucky you if you're one of those! This deck will surely make it easier for you to learn how to get started and make you more confident in using the oils.

It includes information about 10 oils, which match the ones included in these Enrollment Kits: the Family Essentials Kit and Beadlets and the Home Essentials Kit.

Essential Oil Flashcards - DoTerra Convention Expansion Pack ($5.00)

This expansion pack is ideal if you want to add the new oils to your doTerra essential oils collection. It includes seven new oils: Copaiba, Blue Tansy, Neroli, Siberian Fir, Enlightening Blend, Centering Blend, and Steadying Blend.

Aromatherapy Essential Oil Flashcards for "All the Feels" ($25.00)

These Aromatherapy EO Flashcards are, without a doubt, for "all of your feels". They will help you find the right diffusing oils, so you can fully revel in your mood for the day.

Each card is designed with a bold splash of color, which beautifully represents the color you may be imagining while in that specific mood.This set has 50 flashcards included.

Fun, Sassy and Wonderful Essential Oil Flashcards for Everyone! ($25.00)

As the name implies, this bunch is great for everyone who have been into oils for some time, just started, or still thinking of starting. It's very comprehensive consisting of 52 cards in fun and bright colors.

This pack isn't specific to any brand, so it's nice to have if your collection is comprised of different oils from different brands. 

Aren't these EO Flashcards amazing? You can use them personally to learn more about essential oils or to test your EO knowledge. Moreover, you can also use this in class or in party games to make learning even more fun. It doesn't hurt to add a competitive aspect to your EO Flashcard games!

Of course, these EO Flashcards are easy to carry around as well. These could certainly accompany your essential oils wherever you bring them.


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