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Tips on Creating A Bedtime Routine

Some people are natural sleepers who can easily catch some Z's whenever and wherever. However, there are also those who are terrible sleepers taking hours to finally fall asleep.

If you happen to belong to the latter category, you'll surely take comfort in knowing that it can be remedied — but of course we don't mean taking sleep medication every night. There are natural ways that you can improve your sleep hygiene, and one of it is by developing a bedtime routine.

How to form your bedtime routine

Creating a bedtime routine helps you to get used to specific cues that tell your body it's time to go to sleep. Here are some habits that you can include in your routine so that bedtime becomes a breeze.

1. Stick to your schedule

Go to sleep and wake up at the same time every day, even on weekends. This will effectively set your body's internal clock, and staying consistent to your schedule will make the quality of your sleep better.

2. Switch off gadgets and electronic devices

Put away your gadgets and turn off electronic devices in your room at least 20 minutes before going to bed. Your TV, mobile phone, tablet, and game console stimulate your brain making it harder for you to relax.

3. Read

Reading a book is a better alternative to browsing on your smartphone. However, you should make it a point to keep your bedroom a place only for sleeping and being intimate with your partner. That's why it might work better for you if you read in another room for a while and then transfer to your bedroom once you start feeling sleepy.

4. Listen to music or relaxing sounds

If reading is not your thing, listening to music might just be for you. Nevertheless, make sure that the songs aren't too exciting or emotional. You can also opt for relaxing sounds like that of rain or nature. Playlists featuring tracks like these can be easily found on Spotify, and there are also apps that specialize in mood-setting sounds like Calmly.

5. Have a relaxing drink

Drinking tea is known for calming nerves and soothing muscle tension, so you might want to include this in your bedtime routine. Have a cup before going to bed, and it will surely help you sleep better. Chamomile is usually the most recommended tea to improve one's sleep.

Starting new habits can be difficult, but once you successfully get past the first or second month, sleeping will come easily. You'll feel more energetic and well-rested, and ultimately you'll be a lot healthier.


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