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Top Memorial Day Weekend Destinations

Memorial Day is one of the most meaningful holidays that Americans commemorate every year. Soldiers who have fallen in battle are remembered and honored for their great sacrifices on this special day.

This holiday is also marked by a three-day weekend, which many people usually take advantage of to go on a last-minute getaway. Here are some of the most awesome destinations that you can visit on Memorial Day weekend:

San Francisco

It's probably an expensive city to be in, but getting there surely has become cheaper. Check for more affordable ticket prices and celebrate Memorial Day in this Bay Area city. Afterwards, you can explore SFMOMA, Sutro Hill, the Ferry Building, and the best restaurants in the city during your stay.


Take a trip to Lake Havasu City, which is located on the Colorado River. If you're coming from southern California, Las Vegas, or Phoenix, doing a road trip to this destination would be easy. Perfect for adventurous travelers, Lake Havasu City is where you can do activities such as rock climbing, wakeboarding, and archery. 

Washington, D.C.

A popular destination on Memorial Day weekend, the nation's capital definitely has a lot to offer without putting a huge dent on your savings. It's also known for holding the country's largest Memorial Day parade, so it's still quite a fitting destination. Make sure to check out its slew of shops, restaurants, and recreation places to get the most out of your getaway.

New Jersey

Although summer officially starts in June, Memorial Day has been regarded as the beginning of summer too. Get your dose of vitamin sea by heading over to Ocean City. A few hours drive from New York City and Philadelphia, this destination is perfect for those who are looking for a quick getaway from the usual city grind.

New Orleans

Known for its French and African roots, New Orleans is certainly a great place to be in. Join in on the fun at the annual festival in Bayou St. John or embark on a gastronomic journey in the city's flourishing food and wine scene.


Here's another destination if you're considering a beach trip. Rehoboth Beach. Many things have surely changed in this small town, but the place still possesses its old charm. Try activities such as windsurfing, paddle boarding, or kayaking to add an extra rush of fun and adventure.


Want somewhere a little bit farther from home? Hop on a plane and travel to the tropical paradise that is Hawaii. Bask under the sun and enjoy the scenery of green hills and aquamarine waters surrounding the island. 


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