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Toxic Candles and Healthier Alternatives

Scented candles are some of the most common items that people use to aid in their meditation, to make their bedroom cozier, or to have a relaxing bath. The lure of those sweet-smelling candles is something that has bewitched a lot of people into thinking that they’re a wellness must-have.

But most scented candles, especially those paraffin-wax based ones are actually bad for you, and here’s why.

The Dangers of Toxic Candles

An article from Huffington Post talked about the dangers that scented candles pose to our health in depth. According to their interview with environment pollutants expert Anne Steinemann, “certain candles may emit numerous types of potentially hazardous chemicals, such as benzene and toluene. They can cause damage to the brain, lung and central nervous system, as well as cause developmental difficulties.

The artificial scents used in many of these paraffin wax-based candles can also be problematic, as they have been known to trigger asthma attacks in some cases. Even the wicks in some scented candles contain heavy metals such as lead to make them firmer.

In short, unless you’re absolutely certain about the ingredients in your scented candles, stay away from them.

Excellent Alternatives to Bad Candles

Dollar store candles and super cheap ones from unknown brands should definitely be avoided. If you really enjoy the warmth and scents of scented candles, it’s best to go with beeswax or soy-based candles.

Not sure where to start looking for these types of candles? Organic Authority has curated a list of 5 non-toxic scented candles to help you out. Here are some of them.

Root Candlesall-natural beeswax blend, all-natural cotton wick (lead-free), and fragranced with pure essential oils

Capri Blue: fragrant blend of soy and other natural food grade waxes, single wick, and longer burning

MCMC Candles: soy, vegetable and beeswax based, scented with essential oils, and topped with a cotton wick

Sparitual Soy Candles: soy and plant essences based, scented with essentials oils, and topped with a hemp wick

CellarDoor Candles: coconut wax and beeswax based, scented with essential oils, and topped with a cotton wick

You can check out this link for more candle options.

For those who only want the aromas from these candles, you can also go with a diffuser. Essential oil diffusers are beneficial for many reasons. For one, many essential oils are incredibly therapeutic, and using top-quality oils can help you with problems. Moreover, several types of diffusers are also humidifiers, and they can greatly improve the air quality in your space.

To make the most out of your essential oil diffuser, make sure that you use only the best kinds of essential oils.


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