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Traditional Easter Food Recipes from Different Parts of the World

Easter is celebrated in various ways all over the globe, and a huge part of these traditions include food. From pastries to meat, the dishes found in every family's dinner table during Easter come in different flavors.

Explore these delicacies from around the world; you might just want to add some of them to your own Easter menu this year.


A typical Easter lunch in Britain is a meal featuring a leg of lamb, which comes with side dishes such as spring vegetables and a special recipe that uses Jersey royal potatoes. For cakes, the British enjoy the classic simnel cake, which perfectly signals the end of Lent as its ingredients include fruits, spices, and marzipan (which are forbidden during the period of fasting).

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Aside from lamb, red eggs and tsoureki are also part of a traditional Easter meal. Tsoureki is a braided bread flavored with orange and a spice called mahlab, and it usually has a red egg on top. Meanwhile, cheese pastries made with phyllo (like tiropitas) or rolled dough such as kalitsounia are typically eaten while waiting for the lamb to be cooked.

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In Italy, a traditional soup called the Minestra Maritata (which is made with beef, pork, and kale) is commonly served during Easter. Of course, lamb is also their main dish, and Italians typically pair this with artichokes on the side. For dessert, Italians have colomba di Pasqua (a dove-shaped, sweet yeast cake) and Neapolitan Easter cake (ricotta cake flavored with orange-flower water.

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These delicacies surely sound interesting and delicious, don't you think?


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    Indeed I do!! The Simnel Cake ✔️ Tsoureki ✔️ Colomba di Pasqua ✔️ let’s try them all💗💗💗

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