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7 Types of Socks You Should Own

Buying a pair of socks is no longer a mindless thing we do today. It has become more than a necessity in order to wear our shoes more comfortably; it has evolved into some sort of fashion statement so that our personal style and individuality can be identified.

Novelty socks have even found a new audience. Often given as gifts or stocking stuffer, these socks with loud designs were formerly deemed silly to wear outside the comfort of your bedroom. However, gone are those days when people can only be found wearing novelty socks while in their pajamas.

Available in a wide variety of designs, these socks are typically worn to add a dash of fun in your outfit. They also come in different lengths, so you'll certainly find something to match your OOTD.

Foot socks

Foot socks are named as such because they literally be worn only on your feet. They're the best socks to put on if you're wearing loafers or flats. The common problem with foots socks, however, is that it often slips from your heels. To prevent yourself from constantly pulling your socks up, make sure that your foot socks has silicone at the back side so it will stay put on your heel.

Ankle Socks

Ankle socks are one of the most versatile types of socks that you should definitely have. It's perfect for sneakers, boat shooes, Oxfords, and other low-cut shoes. Be sure to wear one if you want to look more dapper than the usual.

Quarter-length socks

This type of socks may have an odd length, but it's great to put on when you're wearing your Doc Martens boots. For guys, it's a good length to wear with suits too.

Crew length socks

Usually six to eight inches in length, crew length socks are often worn for their functionality. They keep your legs protected from dust, and they're also ideal for outdoor activities. Crew length socks look nice with a pair of dress shoes too.

Calf length socks

As the name implies, calf length socks are mainly for covering calf muscles. Hence, a lot of athletes and sports people wear this type of socks to have some protection on that part of their body. You can also wear this with your boots during the winter; it'll surely keep your feet and legs warm.

Knee length socks

Knee length socks are mostly worn by women during the winter. They're perfect to wear under a pair of boots as they add another layer to keep your feet warm amidst the chilly weather.

Thigh high socks

From the name itself, you know pretty much that this type of socks goes above the knees. It's also mostly worn by women, and it looks stunning with skirts and dresses. 

Looking for fun novelty socks that show your personality? Check out these amazing designs from Yo Sox, Freaker, and Living Royal!


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