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Look: The Swimsuit that Looks Amazing on Every Body Shape and Size

Trying on so many swimsuits at the mall can be an uncomfortable and distressing experience, and with the unflattering light of a department store dressing room, it can be hard to know whether you've found a gem among the pile of swimwear you've taken out of the rack.

Of course, apart from how it looks on you, there is also the issue of comfort. Swimsuits are intimate pieces that you wear in public places, so it's important to feel comfortable in it.

With these things in mind, you will surely be glad to know that Ruby Ribbon has launched a line of swimwear that will satisfy your need for style and comfort. The brand is popular for its fantastic shapewear, so making their own swimsuits only makes sense.

The universally flattering swimsuit from Ruby Ribbon

Ruby Ribbon came out with a beautiful selection of swimwear, and three editors at InStyle.com were surprised to find the one swimsuit that looked great on their different body shapes and sizes — the Riviera Tank Suit in black.


Sized 4, 10, and 14 respectively, the InStyle editors said that they felt and looked their best in the Riviera Tank Suit, which created a lovely silhouette and provided some really nice support (without the under wire!). This is definitely to be expected from a brand known for their flattering shapewear.

The editors also raved about how this gorgeous suit was able to give an hourglass look with its ruching, make the hips look slimmer, and create an elongated look. Well, that sounds so much like a win, don't you agree?

The Riviera Tank Suit is also available in blue print in case you prefer color.

Other swimsuits in the collection

If you're interested to see the other pieces from the collection, you're in luck because here are the other equally exquisite designs!

Aruba One Piece (also available in black)

Tahiti Tank Suit

Bora Bora Tankini Top

Lanai Tankini (also available in fig)

So which one do you like best?


Gladdys Garcia

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