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Using Essential Oils in Classrooms

Back-to-school season is a crazy time for parents, especially for those with children who are entering kindergarten. One of the biggest challenges is probably the fact that your kids will be away from the comforts of your home for a considerable amount of time every day. This means that your little kiddos will be exposed to different environments and — gasp — germs!

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If you would notice, many kids often get sick early on in the school year, even as early as the third weekend. However, before you freak out and become an overly paranoid parent, know that there are ways for your children to be protected from getting sick.

Using oils in classrooms

Oils have been a part of wellness programs of numerous families, and teachers are starting to adopt the use of diffusers and oils in classrooms as well. And why not? It offers great benefits to children, as it improves the environment they are in.

Here are specific reasons why essential oils are being used by teachers in classrooms:

  1.  Reduces toxins

Kids are healthier when they are exposed to less toxins. And by using oils — whether at home or in classrooms — the wellness of your children will improve in a very natural way. All of these contributes to their overall happiness and development. Of course, when they feel energetic and not sickly, they are more likely to enjoy their formative years.

  1. Creates a calm environment

Certain oils are capable of producing a soothing effect, and this results in a calm environment where your kids can feel at ease. This further enables them to remember their lessons well and feel a sense of academic achievement. Needless to say, a calm environment is conducive for learning, so a lot of teachers and instructors have been using diffusers in classrooms to help students focus.

  1. Helps kids stay active and alert

Afternoon classes can be difficult for some kids. It’s around this time when they seem like they’re in a slump, looking less energetic than they were in the morning. Good thing, some oils have properties that can keep your kids stay active and alert even after they have taken their recess or lunch. This is quite important because when children feel sleepy, they won’t likely absorb the lessons being taught during their classes.

Do you have interesting stories on how you use essential oils in classrooms or at home? Share with us in the comments section below!


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