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Vision Boards: How They Work and How You Can Make One

A vision board is basically a tool that lets you clarify and focus on a specific goal in your life. Any kind of board will do as long as it can properly fit and display pictures, illustrations, or any visual representation of the goal you have.

It is like an altar of the most important dreams that you want to realize, so your vision board should be placed in an area that you often see. Being able to look at your vision board constantly enables you to do a bit of visualization exercises, which help you affirm the things you want in life and concentrate on attaining them.

By doing this every day, you are essentially forming your thoughts and taking action out of the positive energy that you create during your short visualization exercises. Your heart's desires become clearer making you want them even more and inspiring you to really do your best in bringing your goals into reality.

Creating your vision board

It's fairly easy to create a vision board because anything goes. There are no strict rules when making one; you only have to consider what or where you want to be and how you want to feel. From there, designing your vision board becomes easy and sort of intuitive.

Nevertheless, here are a few tips to help you get started with vision boarding.

1. Any kind of board will do.

Whether you have a cork board or a poster board, you'll do fine. Just make sure that you're getting something big enough for the images you're going to put in there.

2. Fill the space with everything you like.

This could be anything from photos of the people dearest to you, images of your dream destination, postcards, quotes, and mementos. Anything that will inspire you to push for your dreams, tack it on your vision board.

3. Be creative.

Your vision board is a free space so be creative. Use magazine cutouts or write down your favorite quotes in beautiful calligraphy. Decorate your board with paper tape, stickers, fun markers, and other embellishments if you prefer to do it that way. Otherwise, you can opt for minimalist designs or simple, straightforward images.

4. Create mini versions for specifically themed boards.

Making theme boards that focus on specific areas or events in your life is a good idea too. For instance, you can create a mini vision board that's dedicated to your dream wedding or you can come up with a career-specific board, which would surely inspire you to hustle harder to get that promotion you've been aiming for. However, don't forget that having one central vision board should be your first priority because this will encompass your life goals as a whole.

5. Re-do your vision board when you feel it's time to.

It is ideal to refresh your board every December so that you can get a clear picture of what you want for the new year. However, if you already feel that there are certain things you want to add, re-arrange, or remove from your board, feel free to do so. There may come a time when a goal has already been achieved or is no longer relevant, so you have to update your vision board for it to always reflect the current state of things.

What do you think of vision boards? Have you tried making one, or do you already have your own board? We'd love to know about your process in vision boarding!


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