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Wardrobe Must-Haves for Summer 2018

It's definitely time to shed those coats and sweaters, as we enter a warmer season. Without a doubt, summer is a great time to dress up and be in fun and colorful clothes. Whether you're staying in the city or going on a fantastic vacation, here are summer fashion must-haves to create your everyday or travel OOTDs.


There's something about pastels that look so refreshing. And in the heat of the summer, looking fresh like you haven't sweat out is very important. So make sure you have tops in pastel colors this season!

And when we say pastels, we don't only mean soft pinks and blues.

Lavender is certainly a big hit this year!

Make sure you have tees with fun prints too!


 This chiffon sleeveless top will surely fit your office wardrobe.



Floral prints will never go out of style for spring and summer. However, apart from wearing them on casual summer dresses, finding one on a wrap short-sleeve top would surely be a nice ode to this summer staple.

Another great idea — florals on a long-sleeve knit top!

Who says you can only have floral prints on your blouse? Check out this breezy floral prints and style them casually with a pair of sneakers, or look dainty with nice sandals.

A floral dress should always be on your closet, ladies!


 This halter top will certainly look flattering on anyone, don't you think?


Tie Tops

Tie tops would definitely look great on various body types, and they're perfect for a beach outfit. Not to mention they look great with denim pants, trousers, shorts, and even skirts.

Summer may be all about fun colors but don't be scared to put on a monochromatic ensemble.

You can opt to keep your top simple and your bottoms with nice patterns.

 The knot can be at the back too if you want an uncommon tie top.

By all means, show off your figure this summer but don't forget that you can also go for breathable tops.



Want to give off some retro vibe this summer? We highly recommend getting a piece of clothing with rainbow stripes. Depending on your style, you can don this in a very chic ensemble...

...or in a casual shirt and jeans outfit.

If bright colors aren't your thing, you can go for muted tones instead.


Smocked Tops

Smocked tops are back in style! Choose one in a pastel color and pair it with a nice skirt to get some summer vibes.

Dress up your smocked top by matching it with a pencil skirt. This look certainly looks gorgeous for a dinner date.

The smocked style looks great on swimwear too.

 Always a classic, a polka dot print can make your smocked top look even more adorable.

Feel like your arms a bit bigger and you don't feel confident enough to go for a sleeveless top? This strapless smocked top lets you show some skin without emphasizing on your arms.


Straw Bags

Pretty, versatile, and durable — no wonder these straw bags are grabbing a lot of fashionistas' hearts!

They're perfect for a casual day out.

This large tote is perfect for keeping your beach essentials, and you can use it as a stylish bag when you're shopping for fruits and veggies.

 Want something that you can bring to an evening socials? This bamboo tote will surely make heads turn.



Plastic Shoes

You've probably seen Kim Kardashian wear a pair of transparent sandals, and you can bet that it's really trendy this season.

Pair it with your denim jeans or your favorite jumpsuit, and we're pretty sure your whole look will transform to a new level.

A lot of shoe brands are making transparent plastic shoes in various styles, so you'll certainly find one that suits your preference.

If you think transparent plastic shoes look ridiculous, this flat sandals might just ease you into this summer shoe trend.


And when you've just gotten the hang of it, you might want to go for bolder designs like this gladiator-inspired pair.


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