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Ways to Include Your Pets in Your Wedding

Pets are often considered family due to the important roles they play in people's lives. That is why it is not surprising or uncommon for couples to include their pets in special life events or occasions such as weddings.

A few things to remember

If you're keen on having your pet join you on your big day, these tips will surely help you get started on planning their involvement.

  1. Your pet certainly has their own personality, so you should consider that first and foremost. Before giving them any specific role in your ceremony, ensure that they are comfortable being surrounded by guests and that they would be well-behaved and obedient throughout the occasion.
  2. If you wish to dress up your pooch in a cute tux, make sure that the clothes would fit them nicely and won't cause them any discomfort. The accessories should be kept simple; a bow tie or a flower on their collar would already be great. Just ensure that the accessories are in place and they're safe from loose articles or any choking hazard.
  3. Inform your guests that your pets will be at the event. Some of them may have allergies, and it would be nice if you could give them a heads up in order to prepare.
  4. Make sure that pets are allowed inside your ceremony venue. If not and it's the only facility that you can get for your big day, you can just opt to include your pet in your portraits after the ceremony.
  5. Notify your photographer to include your pet in the photos and to capture their adorable moments. 

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