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7 Ways to Rock Your Socks

Walking down the street while wearing a pair of novelty socks is no longer a silly thing to do these days. People have come up with wonderful ways to match their printed and colorful socks to their outfits, and we think this trend will continue for a while.

If you haven't tried grabbing a pair of socks to complete your OOTD, here are some ingenious outfit ideas that you can try. 

Wearing white socks with black shoes and midi skirt probably reminds you of a school uniform. However, you'll surely get that picture out of your head when you put on a pair of black stilettos instead.

A pair of socks can provide warmth to your feet during cold weather. If you want your legs to also enjoy that same warmth, you can opt for knee length socks and wear them over your pant legs. Match it up with brogues and you'll definitely look super stylish.

Who says that you should keep your pair of wedges at the back of your closet once the weather turns chilly? Feel free to wear them with a pair of dainty socks — you'll surely rock the look!

You can wear your socks with sandals too, and this creates a very casual look for you. It's perfect when you need to do quick errands. You don't need to make an effort to wear shoes, and you can keep your feet protected from dust when you head out.

Of course, pairing your socks with a classic leather boots is a no-brainer. However, if you want others to be able to appreciate your cute socks, make sure the length goes up to your calf.


Take a bold step by going print on print. Wear patterned socks and match it up with a pair of interesting shoes. It may sound risky, but this will definitely make you look striking.

Wearing your favorite socks with denim jeans could still work. Ensure to pick a stand-out color for your socks so they grab attention.

How do you like wearing your novelty socks? Share with us your OOTDs!


Gladdys Garcia

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