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Sanskrit: What It Is and How to Use It

If you've been following Mala Prayer on social media, you're probably familiar with their bestselling collection of Sanskrit necklaces. These pieces are quite stunning, so they're hard to miss. However, more than their stylish and boho chic appeal, these necklaces bear so much meaning that would surely make you want to add them to your yoga attire.

What is Sanskrit?

Sanskrit is basically the language used in Hinduism, and it is sacred in both Hindu and Buddhist traditions. The language is spoken or chanted during meditation, and it is known to help in communicating one's intentions and in channeling one's desired energy.

How do I use Sanskrit?

There are various ways of using Sanskrit, but regardless of whether you choose to do it the traditional or modern way, the important thing is that you are sincere in communicating your intentions and energies through it.

As mentioned earlier, Sanskrit is typically chanted during meditation, and this is the traditional way of using Sanskrit. Simply choose a Sanskrit that best reflects your intentions for the day and chant it while meditating. You can do this out loud or just in your head.

Meanwhile, the modern way of using Sanskrit is by wearing it around your neck. A Sanskrit necklace is very convenient as it serves as physical reminder of your mindful goal for the day.

Shanti Sanskrit Necklace (Peace)

When you need something to pick you up or rejuvenate you in the middle of a crazy day, you only need to look at your necklace and take a moment to breathe and be focused on the present moment.

Of course, you can combine the traditional and modern methods. It will certainly prove to be a powerful way of keeping your intentions throughout the day.

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Anuraga Sanskrit Necklace (Love)

Niyama Sanskrit Necklace (Positivity)

Karuna Sanskrit Necklace (Compassion)


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