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Winter Wellness: How to Make a Chest Rub

A chest rub is typically used to temporarily relieve you from chest congestion. By applying this on your chest area (ideally before sleeping), you can breathe more easily even when you have colds.

Moreover, this soothing rub is especially helpful when the chilly weather starts. If you're a fan of chest rubs, here's a homemade recipe that you could try to make your own.


The ingredients you'll need for a DIY chest rub is very minimal, and you may already have most, if not all, of these items in your home.

See? These stuff won't even cost you a pretty penny!


Once you have prepared all of the ingredients needed for your chest rub, all you need to do is mix them all up in a jar and stir well. Afterwards, you must store it in a cool, dark place until it's ready to use.

If you decide to store it in the fridge, take only a small spoonful and place it in your hands to warm up. Make sure to soften its texture before applying.


Simply apply the chest rub so that you can breathe deeply.

Did you know?

R.C. Essential Oil is a combination of three kinds of eucalyptus with Cypress and Spruce. This aromatic treat is surely a must-have as it offers a variety of uses. You can diffuse it in a bowl of hot water and inhale the steam to soothe your senses.

Furthermore, you can dilute the oils and apply on your chest, neck, and throat as needed. You can also rub it on your chest or feet before exercising; this will certainly lift your mood.

If you want to know more about essential oils, as well as tricks you could do to make your own DIY products like this chest rub, you should definitely join make and take classes like our Winter Wellness sessions. This will equip you with materials and knowledge on different essential oils homemade recipes.





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