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Winter Wellness: How to Make Your Own Fabric Fresher Spray

Your bed is a special sanctuary where you should be able to rest from all the work and chores you have done for the day. However, finding your sheets with a funny smell could prevent you from having a relaxing sleep at night.

This weird odor can easily be caused by yourself since your body may be transferring oils, sweat, and bacteria to your sheets and pillows during sleep. Naturally, the fabric will give off unpleasant smells over time. Changing your bedding once a week is ideal, and you can also use a fabric fresher spray to keep your sheets smelling crisp and clean.

The amazing thing, though, is that you could make your fabric fresher spray with just water and essential oil.


As mentioned above, you won't need a lot of items to create a 12 oz fabric fresher spray. Check your home if you have these things available. If not, you can easily purchase them through the links that we have provided.


Combine all of the ingredients in your 12 oz spray bottle. Then, make sure that you shake the mixture well. Afterwards, store it in a cool place.

If you only have 2 oz spray bottles, you can use this formula instead: Fill your spray bottle with 2 ounces of water and put 10 drops of Purification Essential Oil.

Extra Tip: For a more holiday feel, you may use the Christmas Spirit Essential Oil instead of the Purification Essential Oil.


Spray generously on your sheets, drapes, and furniture. You may also simply spray it in the air to eliminate odors.

Did you know?

The Purification Essential Oil is known for its odor neutralizing effects, so it's a great choice for making a fabric fresher spray. Its uplifting scent is a product of various essential oils including lemongrass, rosemary, myrtle, citronella, lavandin, and melaleuca alternifolia.

Meanwhile, the Christmas Spirit Essential Oil is a wonderful blend that can help purify the air in your surroundings. Feel free to sprinkle it in your fireplace or on your Christmas tree so that you can feel the joyful season even more.





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