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Winter Wellness: Making Your Own All-Purpose Spray Cleaner

Keeping your home clean is essential to maintain a hygienic and healthy environment for you and your family. Aside from that, a tidy home can contribute to your psychological wellness as well. If every space in your home is spick and span, wouldn't you be able to relax even more and feel refreshed every time you come home?

You don't need to do a general cleaning every day. This may be difficult to keep up when you have a 9-to-5 job. Wiping tables and counters, sweeping the floor, and dusting the walls on a regular basis are simple things that you can do to ensure that huge amounts of dirt won't build up in your home.

Having an all-purpose spray cleaner would be quite helpful in accomplishing your chores. What's even better is that you can make your own spray cleaner out of ingredients you can find in your kitchen.


In order to start making a DIY spray cleaner, check your kitchen cupboard for these items. If they're not available in your home, you can surely find them in stores without much trouble.


Combine all the ingredients in the 12 oz spray bottle. Afterwards, shake the mixture well and store in a cool place.

If you only have a 2 oz spray bottle, you can cut down the amount of the water into one ounce and the vinegar to one ounce as well. Put four drops of the essential oil into the mixture and shake well.

Extra Tip: For a holiday scent, you may use the Christmas Spirit Essential Oil instead of the Citrus Fresh Essential Oil.


Simply spray on countertops and sinks. Wipe the surface with a clean, soft cloth.

Did You Know?

Citrus Fresh Essential Oil provides a clean, fresh scent that you'll certainly love in your home. You can also use it to make your skin clearer and maintain a healthy skin tone.

Meanwhile, Christmas Spirit Essential Oil has a sweet, spicy blend that's perfect for the holiday season. You can diffuse the oil or sprinkle it on the logs in your fireplace or Christmas tree.





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