Pi Style Boutique

Formerly Pi Style

Who is Style 937?

Our family owned and operated business has seen a few shifts in the marketplace (and a few name changes). It all started as a home business in Coins and Jewelry with Ed and Shirley Fritz in 1972. Later down the road their daughter developed a website for the company and the family opened up their first store front. It wasn’t long that the businesses needed to shift not only from carrying more merchandise but needed to expand to our current 38 West location and than later down the road a warehouse to focus on the website sales.
In the early 2000’s our Family developed a brand called American Pi and was part of the pop-up project in downtown Dayton. This lead us to open up three store-fronts at one point in time. We than transitioned back to our roots and settled into our Centerville location solely and rebranding into Pi Style but that's not the end of the journey.
Hi, my name is December Pergrem and I am the granddaughter of the ones that started it all. I so loved working our boutique called Pi Style however, it was time to shift the business yet again and this would allow me to enter a goal of mine to be more present with my children while they are little and fit within our business trends. It’s no secret that online business is booming which is why I decided to close up our daily brick N mortar at our 38 location and to focus on LIVE sales on Facebook, the website and on Amazon.
For those who are local shopper and in-person do not fret for we have open house monthly and you can see those in our events tab on Facebook and in outr emails. We also still offer in-store pickup for those who wish to save on shipping at our warehouse location during selective hours.
Style937 will continue to offer the same amazing merchandise as American Pi and Pi Style and the same customer service just on a different platform.