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Coral/Shell - Charles Viancin Covers

In 2010 the Inspired by Nature Collection by Charles Viancin made its debut in the United States. Originating in France, Charles Viancin created a line of Kitchen and Serve ware with the beauty of nature at its core. The line was inspired by the desire to reduce fats and oils added to family meals while keeping them quick and easy.

Forms a air-tight seal on all smooth rims, including glass, plastic, stainless steel and melamine. Retains steam to keep your coffee, tea, and other beverages hot for a longer period of time. Insulates to keep cocktails and other beverages cold for a longer period of time. Prevents insects and other debris from entering. This unique design and variety of uses will spark conversation when entertaining guest. 

No more saran wrap or aluminum foil. Creates an air-tight seal. Max temp +428 degrees Fahrenheit, minimum temp -40 degrees Fahrenheit. Microwave and oven safe. Dishwasher safe.