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Flower Gown - Alkota Santa

Santa In Flower Gown
Item #: S100-2
Santa With Floral Coat In Shades Of Blue And White With Tall Collar. He Has Matching Removable Staff And Holds A Bag At His Side. He Is Number #612
From Snowy Russia, With Its Harsh Winters And Bears, Hand Carved And Painted, These Pieces Of Art Will Brighten Any Room Of Your Home. These Original Hand Carved Santa Figurines Revive The Rich Russian Heritage And Reflect The Mood Of The Russian Christmas. These Unique Works Of Art Bring You Back Into The Atmosphere Of Eager Anticipation Of Christmas Morning. All Pieces Are Signed By The Artist And Are Hand Carved And Painted In Russia.
Depth: 4"
Width: 5"Height: 11"Weight: 1.9 Pounds

Russian, Hand-Carved, Whimsical
$ 465.00

$ 325.50