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Black Magic 8

We call this black magic because they are absolutely gorgeous and look great on almost everyone . They'll transform you into your spirit animal in a snap.

Multi multidimensional faux chinchilla fur is matched with a warm off white faux suede center. Stunning result. Looks fab on anyone with dark hair.

1.5” w x 2” h.Just adorable. Awesome for adult and kids.

*Measurements are approximate of centers only. Add .25” to 1.5” inches for various fur lengths.

Kritter differences….

1. Our exclusive technique:
Each ear is hand crafted using our exclusive technique resulting in a wider base and deeper canal that opens up and allows the ear to sit at a perfect angle. Thus creating our signature Kritter Klip.

2. Kritter Quality:
We use super plush high quality faux furs and fabrics. Each ear is hand and machine sewn with no glue used.

3. Kritter Komfort:
Our furs and fabrics are soft and light weight for comfortable all day wear. They are sewn onto clips…so no headband headaches. The clips also add to a more realistic look. They will feel so natural you won’t even know that you are wearing them.


• Attach them at different angles for different effects.
• For medium to long fur, flip upside down and shake to fluff.
• Secure with bobby pins if necessary.

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