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Gingerbread Man

Gingerbread ManItem Number: 441UPC: 836593004411 Artist: Susan WingetGlass Size: 3"Shape: Princess

Picking up any hand-painted, blown glass item from Ne’Qwa and you will be holding a more than a thousand years of history. The same distinctive reverse painting has captivated emperors and art collectors a like. Each Ne’Qwa piece features the artist signature and the Ne’Qwa logo, etched into the glass, that authenticates every piece. In addition, all the Ne’Qwa Art comes with a certificate of authenticity in a beautiful velvet and satin storage and/or display case. The Limited Edition pieces are each numbered on both the ornament and the certificate of authenticity. These high quality home accessories will shine all year round in any home.

Ne’Qwa Art’s talented demonstration artist, Trieste, embarks every year on a tour of the United States. She shares a centuries-old art technique that is practiced only by a very few, highly skilled painters.

$ 53.00