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Essential Oil Starter Kit Flashcards - Inspired by doTerra

New Essential Oil Flashcards to get you started on your oily journey

So you've joined the club and bought your enrollment kit - Welcome! These little handy cards will be your bestie over the next few months while you try and learn how to get started with them. We've made it as easy to make you confident in what those mystery bottles are capable of.

These Essential Oil Flashcards are going to give you beautiful, funny and memorable ways to make sure you're getting the most out of your essential oil investment so you can both be healthier and, most importantly, finally show Rita up with your essential oil mastery at all of those oil parties. Crisis averted.

Already know your oils?

These mini decks make the perfect "Welcome" gift for your new essential oil friends.


You get 12 cards (10 oils) with a key chain that can go wherever your oils go.

These cards will match the oils included in the following Enrollment Kits:

• Family Essentials Kit and Beadlets
• Home Essentials Kit


• Name of the essential oil
• A pithy saying to help you remember how to use each of the oils
• Colors that match the color of your essential oil bottle


• 3-4 benefits of each oil
• Symbols to easily show how you can use the oils (on your skin, internally, with your diffuser, etc.)
• A dandy disclaimer


Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Melaleuca, Oregano, Frankincense, Digestive Blend, Protective Blend, Respiratory Blend, and Soothing Blend


• Each card is laminated and oil approved (no oils were harmed in the making of these cards). No more worrying about those oily hands.
• The colors will still match the colors of your Dōterra oil bottles, but we've changed them up a little to make them brighter.
• We've reduced the size of the cards to 3.25x3.25" so they're easier to use and travel.
• For funzies, we gave you a few game ideas for your next class or party.

$ 10.00