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Root Candles Large Veriglass- Sparkling Champagne

Named after the French region where these specialty grapes are grown, Sparkling Champagne has become the quintessential celebratory beverage! Effervescence with notes of orange zest, peach nectar and ozonics complement the berry and pear subtleties.

If you're looking for a more sophisticated candle, look no further than Root's Veriglass candle. This stunning sleek glass container holds our premium Legacy beeswax. Veriglass means a "thin coating of ice" and was the inspiration to creating this classic candle. An all-natural beeswax blend burns longer than other premium candles and the addition of pure essential oils in each of our fragrances produce a rich, lasting sensory experience. Root's Veriglass candles feature an all-natural cotton (lead free) wick for a clean, long-lasting candle burning experience. The Large 10.5 oz. Veriglass candle comes in 42 luxurious fragrances and a wide variety of trending designer colors. Made in USA.

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