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  • Short Pennant - Pilgrim Necklace
  • Short Pennant Necklace, Silver Plated, Pastel - Pi Style Boutique - Pilgrim

Short Pennant - Pilgrim Necklace

Short silver necklace with a three piece drop pennant.

Jewellery in all its forms and shapes is every woman’s best friend. Jewellery can easily put the final touch to an outfit and on top of that, they are also always pretty to look at. However, sometimes it can be challenging to find the right jewellery, which also is made of good materials from high standards. At Pilgrim, jewellery is our big passion and we believe that jewellery is about heart and soul. Therefore, we make an honor out of creating beautiful quality jewellery for you. Here, you are guaranteed top quality and a piece of jewellery made of passion, when you shop at Pilgrim

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